Amazon and eBay Experience

Throughout our time as a fulfilment provider, we have served the requirements of numerous eBay and Amazon traders. We’ve witnessed the positive impacts these platforms can have on any sized business, but also come to understand the extremely high levels of service standards that sellers must ensure they meet.

Errors such as sending an incorrect item, or failing to deliver an item are considered “defects”. Some are considered more serious than others, however all of them can result in the temporary / permanent suspension of your selling accounts.

  • Amazon require sellers to maintain a defect rate of less than 1%.
  • eBay require sellers to maintain a defect rate of less than 3%.

Understanding the above has allowed us create our IT systems accordingly.

The Parcel Ship Portal integrates seamlessly with both Amazon & eBay. Orders appearing within your selling accounts are automatically transferred to Parcel Ship. Our systems assign the most suitable courier service for the item(s) ordered & this request is then passed to the warehouse for picking & delivery to the customer.

Tracking information is automatically fed back to your selling accounts, marking the order “dispatched” and informing the customer of their expected delivery date. The automated transfer of order information ensures your customers receive their item(s) quickly and protects you from defects such as “Late Dispatch Rate” and “Valid Tracking Rate”. We are also able to provide scan logs for all items shipped in the event of a customer dispute.

Additionally, your available inventory within our warehouse is uploaded to your seller accounts, preventing overselling and the risk of increasing your “Pre Fulfilment Cancellation Rate”.

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